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The Tweet Squad, the new go-to social media team, officially launched in November 2011 and ready to execute. With only less than two months of launching, this new social media company has already contracted some of the most notable corporate companies known world-wide. This is a collected team of young professionals who have the best abilities to tweet and execute all social media for your project in house or on site. The Tweet Squad services corporate companies and brands, business start-ups, events, campaigns, contests and celebrity or high profile clients who are in need of social media assistance. Their mission, should they choose, is to develop a strategic new social media plan for X project/client to gain visibility and new awareness in the social media sphere instantaneously. Lisa Jammal, CEO of LJAM PR, created The Tweet Squad after many opportunities working on site with high profiled brands as their hired on site social media professional.

The Tweet Squad executes using social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, YouTube, Shoutz, Ustream and many more. What makes The Tweet Squad different than any other social media team is their “secret end game”. They execute by interlinking new ideas, clients, contacts, ambassadors and relationships to expand visibility on your behalf. Post X Project, The Tweet Squad guarantees and increase of new and active followers, social media impressions among the top social networks and blogs online.

Depending on your X Project, The Tweet Squad will devise a plan in order to execute. Depending on your project, a team will be devised of Senior and Junior Agents and a Squad. There are two Squads available, the MI: Tweet Squad for TOP SECRET profiles and The Tweet Squad. Teams can consist of one to as many needed per client.

“The secrets to our pre-analysis gathering for your project is what will separate us from any other company that will try to execute this type of service. My background is public relations, marketing and event producing which have been key assets to the foundation to this company. I have created the one thing I love most, interlinking and connecting.“ Lisa Jammal, Creator of The Tweet Squad.


Founder, Lisa Jammal, established The Tweet Squad after many opportunities hired to tweet for corporate brands and events. With her notable background as CEO of LJAM PR in event producing and public relations, Jammal sought out to put together a team of highly notable individuals experienced in the event, corporate and public relation fields. Jammal introduced a valued asset to the team, Erik Nelson, VP of Analytical and Strategic Development to her team. The Tweet Squad consists only of the best of the best. They do not settle for anything else. Through training and hard work, The Tweet Squad embodies talented young professionals skilled, responsible and always mission ready.

“I know a lot of young, smart and passionate professionals studying at Universities or State Colleges who need employment opportunities. It is very difficult to find a job anywhere these days. I want to help our economy and young professionals by training them to be part of my Tweet Squad and making money!” – Lisa Jammal, Creator of the Tweet Squad.

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