Lately, the popular photo-sharing site Pinterest is getting a collage of attention. One might say its shutters have been too freely left open…

Basically, if I take a photo of a photo with fish lens is it still the same photo? (Are these photography puns and jokes working for you?)

But it’s not about the bridal photos or hairdos or comfort food recipes. It’s about whether or not Pinterest violates U.S. copyright law.

Users of Pinterest feel all photos are up for Fair Use… but the photographers and photo owners object.

There are other copyright claims with Pinterest (read their disclaimers, kind of scary how much they own of what we post, and, well, what they can do with it), but let’s just focus on just this issue of Fair Use. Check out what the U.S. Copyright Law of 1976 says within this Wikipedia article:

*it’s in the first section

What do you think? Is Pinterest in violation? Are Pinterest’s users in violation?

And not to push the pin too much… but is this what has happened to the music industry? i.e., can we think of streaming services as akin to Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr?

The most important question: will we see THE TWEET SQUAD on Pinterest? (WE HOPE!!!)

-Jason E. Ballmann, Sr. Agent