We are PSYCHED to be working with the film, The Tour! Produced, directed, and written by Jeremy Mitchell (who is also the title role in the film), The Tour lays out some of the common but intricate issues in professional tennis.

“After learning his estranged father is ill, a broke and disgruntled young tennis coach sets out on the minor league circuit hoping to repair their relationship by winning the US Open. Journeying city to city with an eclectic mix of aspiring pros, sharing expenses and climbing the ranks, he competes against his most challenging opponent: a paralyzing sports anxiety manifested by his need to be great and to make his father proud.”




THE TOUR is a tribute to this whirlwind and a call to action for improved player development. It is the goal of the TOUR to make authentic programming about competitive tennis as it exists today, with the hope of inspiring a new generation of players and promoting greater access to the sport in the future. It is for this reason that THE TOUR will dedicate a portion of the proceeds of the projects to fund player development and charities that provide an introduction to the sport and training in underserved communities.

Starring Jeremy Mitchell, Brad Benedict, and Stelio Savante

Written by Jeremy Mitchell

Screenplay by Jeremy Mitchell

Produced by Jeremy Mitchell, Brad Benedict, and Tara Wright