Last week, we got a chance to catch up with @DanielleMorrill, the CEO/Founder of up-and-coming social sharing site Refer.Ly. She gave us the type of insight that exhibits why Refer.Ly is still one of today’s hottest and most successful start-ups. If you haven’t tested out Refer.Ly yet, go give it a try at now before you read this!

What is the current status of Refer.Ly? Where do you see Refer.Ly in 2 weeks? 2 months?

We are launched (as of 5/14) and have been rapidly iterating to make it simpler to use.  Its hard to tell you where we will be in 2 weeks, but we are moving very fast.  You can see new features we just pushed live here:

In two months we will be done with YC Demo Day… but right now that feels like forever from now.  We are just focused on using every moment until then to present the best possible version of our product, with users who love it.

2) There are other deal sites out there that let you earn rewards for sharing what you love… what makes Refer.Ly stand out? Ease of use? Freedom to choose what you want to share? Cash in your pocket instead of coupons?

We’re focused on three aspects: simple, beautiful, and transparent.  I think we still can do a lot more to achieve each of these, but through those principles I think we will ultimately be the most trusted source for giving and getting referrals of products, services, and anything else.  Maybe people is next?

3) How many people are working for Refer.Ly currently? Where is your HQ?

We have 3 cofounders, and 3 interns.  We are located in Mountain View, CA and all live in a house together.

4) I noticed you can now donate to your favorite charity! How awesome is that?! (I changed mine to The Nature Conservancy). What brought all of this on?  

Some people wanted an altruistic way to generate rewards and distribute them, so we decided to do it. It helps us better understand how people are motivated to share, and its always great when you can help good causes

5) Can you tell us what brands/companies are coming our way on Refer.Ly?

You can see our entire list of coverage here:

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Danielle Morrill @DanielleMorrill CEO/Founder of Refer.Ly

Kevin Morrill @mistermorrill, CTO of Refer.Ly

Al Abut @alabut: CDO/Co-Founder @Refer.Ly