The hottest new sensation in pop music has just arrived to iTunes: Adrian Vera. Described as “soulful” and “electrifying”, it will certainly become your most played album in your library! WE LOVE IT!!!

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About Adrian Vera

Adrian Vera’s music is as electrifying as it is soulful. A pop sensation and dazzling live performer, he soon will bewitch your ears and heart, if he hasn’t already. A talented songwriter, singer, guitarist and producer, Adrian Vera has performed in countless cities from New York to Los Angeles. Whether performing in English or Spanish, the U.S. or South America, Adrian Vera sings and plays with a passion that ignites your strongest emotions. Adrian has worked with some of the best in the business, including acclaimed producer Caram Costanzo (Guns N Roses, Usher, Elton John).

Adrian is a skilled vocalist and guitarist, with a true passion for music that developed at a young age. His key musical influences can be described as a blend of Stevie Wonder Coldplay, Oasis, Justin Timberlake, Snow Patrol, John Mayer and Kanye West, with additional inspirations drawn from his Argentinean and Colombian roots. Adrian’s sexy and soothing voice captivates many, including a strong contingent of female fans. His music is hypnotizing and his stage presence magnetic. His songs are extremely relatable and creative in both lyrics and melody. Adrian’s unique voice and songwriting style continue to engage fans and audiences in North and South America alike. Adrian has perfected a pop rock blend that will leave listeners always wanting more.