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Nokia joined with StyleSaint to celebrate the launch of the mobile Fashion App that empowers everyone to be a fashion Editor-in-Chief. Talent who came out to support AMBER HEARD, CONNOR CRUISE, COLTON HAYNES, KRISTIN BAUER and ERIN WASSON. 

CONNOR CRUISE DJ’D – He is really awesome. Check out the new fashion app! Check out the photos!

The new social fashion app StyleSaint lets users “tear and share” the most beautiful fashion images from across the web and then create and publish their own digital Stylebooks across social networks like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. Nokia Lumia 900 in pink, cyan, black and white – available now at AT&T – makes the process easy, with a user-friendly Windows Phone interface that features seamless integration of social media. Follow your favorite StyleSaint editors using live tile integration to pin their profiles directly to your Nokia Lumia homescreen, create StyleBooks, your own digital fashion magazine, directly from your Nokia Lumia device, and share your style inspiration with the world.




Natasha Bedingfield and AnnaLynne McCord stopped by the Lumia Lounge at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE celebrating the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 in pink!

What’s grabbing everyone’s attention about this phone?

Maybe it’s the unusual release of a hot pink nail polish by Duality Cosmetics to match the phone.

Or, maybe it’s the free manicures inspired by personal nail stylist to the stars Kandi Banks who has shown up at the last 3 Lumia Lounges (1 in Denver, 2 in LA) to perform manicures herself!

Whatever it may be, it has the tech world, fashion world, and now celebrity world buzzing with excitement!

Nokia has teamed up with Duality Cosmetics and The Glam Squad to launch Nokia Lumia 900 in pink! AND A new pink nail polish arrives at Nokia’s Lumia Lounge, a pop-up nail spa inspired by The Glam Squad’s Niki Schwan and Kandi Banks – style experts and celebrity stylists.

The first stop on this 3-spot tour is Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, TX THIS SATURDAY where you can get FREE manicures and nail art designed by Kandi and Niki. Visitors will also be able to listen to fashion and beauty advice from these experts who help create the fashion-forward looks of the world’s biggest stars including Nicki Minaj, Drake and Janelle Monae.

Future locations include Denver’s Park Meadows Mall (August 2nd) and LA’s Westfield Mall (August 7th), and the Nokia Theater at LA Live (August 8th) where you can see A-list celebrities get their nails painted in the new pink polish by Duality Cosmetics!

Follow the stylists @NikiSchwan and @MmmKandiYamz on Twitter to stay updated!

Last week, we got a chance to catch up with @DanielleMorrill, the CEO/Founder of up-and-coming social sharing site Refer.Ly. She gave us the type of insight that exhibits why Refer.Ly is still one of today’s hottest and most successful start-ups. If you haven’t tested out Refer.Ly yet, go give it a try at now before you read this!

What is the current status of Refer.Ly? Where do you see Refer.Ly in 2 weeks? 2 months?

We are launched (as of 5/14) and have been rapidly iterating to make it simpler to use.  Its hard to tell you where we will be in 2 weeks, but we are moving very fast.  You can see new features we just pushed live here:

In two months we will be done with YC Demo Day… but right now that feels like forever from now.  We are just focused on using every moment until then to present the best possible version of our product, with users who love it.

2) There are other deal sites out there that let you earn rewards for sharing what you love… what makes Refer.Ly stand out? Ease of use? Freedom to choose what you want to share? Cash in your pocket instead of coupons?

We’re focused on three aspects: simple, beautiful, and transparent.  I think we still can do a lot more to achieve each of these, but through those principles I think we will ultimately be the most trusted source for giving and getting referrals of products, services, and anything else.  Maybe people is next?

3) How many people are working for Refer.Ly currently? Where is your HQ?

We have 3 cofounders, and 3 interns.  We are located in Mountain View, CA and all live in a house together.

4) I noticed you can now donate to your favorite charity! How awesome is that?! (I changed mine to The Nature Conservancy). What brought all of this on?  

Some people wanted an altruistic way to generate rewards and distribute them, so we decided to do it. It helps us better understand how people are motivated to share, and its always great when you can help good causes

5) Can you tell us what brands/companies are coming our way on Refer.Ly?

You can see our entire list of coverage here:

Follow the rest of the Refer.Ly team on Twitter:

Danielle Morrill @DanielleMorrill CEO/Founder of Refer.Ly

Kevin Morrill @mistermorrill, CTO of Refer.Ly

Al Abut @alabut: CDO/Co-Founder @Refer.Ly

Started by Danielle Morrill, the hot mover and shaker formerly of Twilio, Refer.Ly aims to reward you for sharing links of products you love. It’s word-of-mouth marketing at it’s finest.

How do you get rewarded?

Paste the link into Refer.Ly, shorten it to a Refer.Ly, and share it with your friends (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pinterest, WordPress, etc…). Each click they make tells Refer.Ly to track them up to the purchase point. If they bought it from your link, you get a cut!

Is this the new wave of social eCommerce? We all remember when we thought Facebook was going to be the king of social eCommerce. While a Refer.Ly can easily be inserted into a Facebook post, it’s pretty clear our original conceptions are wrong.

Refer.Ly knows the value of word of mouth marketing, although some news sources see Refer.Ly as an online affiliate marketing company. But this doesn’t mean that anyone at Refer.Ly is a corporate bulldog. If you thought social media was cold and impersonal, guess again. These guys really understand the value of sharing what you love!Image

Lovvvit will be unveiling their upcoming Website and Application at TECHCRUNCH DISRUPT 2012 on Monday, May 21 in New York City. The beta site will officially be launching in July 2012. Lovvvit allows us to share our love, upload videos, and become the “face” of our favorite products and services, creating a unique symbiotic connection with businesses who reward our creativity with great deals to share with friends and the entire web universe.

Lovvvit allows businesses to receive and manage these videos to market their company across the web. Businesses can use these videos to attract new customers and can attach and launch deals instantly wherever and whenever they want, essentially running their own media campaign. The result is that Lovvvit offers all of us online shoppers a more entertaining and genuine user recommended video experience attached to a deal. This past month, Lovvvit launched their “Tell the World What You Love” sweepstakes engaging new users to submit their favorite local business and win a chance to receive a $250 gift certificate. The sweepstakes is simple and will allow Lovvvit to begin engaging with users to learn about what they love, encouraging them to create videos about their experiences.

Lovvvit is going to change the way customers and businesses communicate and reward each other. Lovvvit goes beyond the “check-in” and “like” button, allowing people a direct connection to their favorite merchant. It’s a platform that allows customers and businesses to communicate and reward each other in a unique way. That is what small business owners are looking for these days. Direct connection to their favorite customers. It’s not about daily deals anymore. It’s about attracting new customers and creating a connection with them that not only keeps them coming back again and again, but making them an ambassador for their business. Finally, a tech company that understands the small business owner’s wants and needs. Lovvvit founder, Max Gottlieb, champions the fact that the primary customer influence for small businesses is social recommendation. Add video to that concept and you have something. Add the ability for businesses to attach a deal to these videos and you have what Max has created, TECHCRUNCH DISRUPT will be the first public display of and its iPhone app which are in BETA right now, heading towards a summer launch.

About TechCrunch Disrupt TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2012 ( is TechCrunch’s third annual conference in New York City. The format combines top thought-leader discussions with new product and company launches. Morning executive discussions debate timely disruptions in media, advertising and technology while the afternoons are reserved for the Startup Battlefield where 30 new companies will launch for the first time on stage, selected to present from more than 1000 applications received from around the world. The winning company will receive a $50,000 grand prize and the Disrupt Cup at the conclusion of the conference. The conference is May 21-23, 2012, at Pier 94 located at 755 12th Avenue (at 55th Street & 12th Ave.) in Midtown New York.

Keep in touch with their adventure through TechCrunch by following Lovvvit on Twitter and Facebook!

Learn more at – Follow us on Twitter: and LIKE us on Facebook:

Lovvvit allows people to upload videos about their favorite shops, products, and brands to eat, drink, play, love, and make themselves feel and look amazing. But wait there’s more!

In return for sharing the love, businesses reward people who make great videos amazing discounts and offers. Don’t we all love those things already?!

Lovvvit combines the best elements of Yelp, YouTube & Groupon to give shoppers a genuine user recommended video experience prior to purchase. See the experience! Meet the people! Shop with trust!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is going to change the way customers and businesses communicate and reward each other.

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