Fashion Icon Louise Roe Shares Her Secrets to Looking Your Best!

You might have noticed her on the CW’s “Plain Jane” or as a cast member of MTV’s The City! Now here she is with ways to have you look your best!!! Couldn’t be more timely as we transition into fall.

Reblogged from our Sr. Agent, Jason E. Ballmann: Some thoughts on NBC and Twitter during this year’s Olympics.

The Modern Ear

When Twitter and NBC announced their partnership for the Olympics, my eyebrows became more than raised. I kept thinking of that Family Guy sketch of the “Diane Show” where the woman’s partner keeps peeling back layers, revealing she’s not a woman but a horse, then not a horse but a broom.


That’s what we’ve seen with NBC and Twitter… layers and layers, revealing more than what’s really there. NBC is rolling in an impressive, more-than-expected amount of dollars. If the money keeps coming in, what do they care? And people are tuning in more than ever anyway.

I’ve compiled a list of their latest issues below. Not to give bad press, but to enlighten us all.

1) Twitter Crashes #TwitterFail

2) Twitter Suspends Journalist’s Account, Then Restores it

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Nokia has teamed up with Duality Cosmetics and The Glam Squad to launch Nokia Lumia 900 in pink! AND A new pink nail polish arrives at Nokia’s Lumia Lounge, a pop-up nail spa inspired by The Glam Squad’s Niki Schwan and Kandi Banks – style experts and celebrity stylists.

The first stop on this 3-spot tour is Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, TX THIS SATURDAY where you can get FREE manicures and nail art designed by Kandi and Niki. Visitors will also be able to listen to fashion and beauty advice from these experts who help create the fashion-forward looks of the world’s biggest stars including Nicki Minaj, Drake and Janelle Monae.

Future locations include Denver’s Park Meadows Mall (August 2nd) and LA’s Westfield Mall (August 7th), and the Nokia Theater at LA Live (August 8th) where you can see A-list celebrities get their nails painted in the new pink polish by Duality Cosmetics!

Follow the stylists @NikiSchwan and @MmmKandiYamz on Twitter to stay updated!

The hottest new sensation in pop music has just arrived to iTunes: Adrian Vera. Described as “soulful” and “electrifying”, it will certainly become your most played album in your library! WE LOVE IT!!!

Go download it now:



About Adrian Vera

Adrian Vera’s music is as electrifying as it is soulful. A pop sensation and dazzling live performer, he soon will bewitch your ears and heart, if he hasn’t already. A talented songwriter, singer, guitarist and producer, Adrian Vera has performed in countless cities from New York to Los Angeles. Whether performing in English or Spanish, the U.S. or South America, Adrian Vera sings and plays with a passion that ignites your strongest emotions. Adrian has worked with some of the best in the business, including acclaimed producer Caram Costanzo (Guns N Roses, Usher, Elton John).

Adrian is a skilled vocalist and guitarist, with a true passion for music that developed at a young age. His key musical influences can be described as a blend of Stevie Wonder Coldplay, Oasis, Justin Timberlake, Snow Patrol, John Mayer and Kanye West, with additional inspirations drawn from his Argentinean and Colombian roots. Adrian’s sexy and soothing voice captivates many, including a strong contingent of female fans. His music is hypnotizing and his stage presence magnetic. His songs are extremely relatable and creative in both lyrics and melody. Adrian’s unique voice and songwriting style continue to engage fans and audiences in North and South America alike. Adrian has perfected a pop rock blend that will leave listeners always wanting more.

Louis Vuitton opens its first Maison in China in Shanghai at Plaza 66, its sixteenth worldwide. The Louis Vuitton Express will also be welcomed, with an elegant fashion show on the famous Bund in Shanghai!

Last week, we got a chance to catch up with @DanielleMorrill, the CEO/Founder of up-and-coming social sharing site Refer.Ly. She gave us the type of insight that exhibits why Refer.Ly is still one of today’s hottest and most successful start-ups. If you haven’t tested out Refer.Ly yet, go give it a try at now before you read this!

What is the current status of Refer.Ly? Where do you see Refer.Ly in 2 weeks? 2 months?

We are launched (as of 5/14) and have been rapidly iterating to make it simpler to use.  Its hard to tell you where we will be in 2 weeks, but we are moving very fast.  You can see new features we just pushed live here:

In two months we will be done with YC Demo Day… but right now that feels like forever from now.  We are just focused on using every moment until then to present the best possible version of our product, with users who love it.

2) There are other deal sites out there that let you earn rewards for sharing what you love… what makes Refer.Ly stand out? Ease of use? Freedom to choose what you want to share? Cash in your pocket instead of coupons?

We’re focused on three aspects: simple, beautiful, and transparent.  I think we still can do a lot more to achieve each of these, but through those principles I think we will ultimately be the most trusted source for giving and getting referrals of products, services, and anything else.  Maybe people is next?

3) How many people are working for Refer.Ly currently? Where is your HQ?

We have 3 cofounders, and 3 interns.  We are located in Mountain View, CA and all live in a house together.

4) I noticed you can now donate to your favorite charity! How awesome is that?! (I changed mine to The Nature Conservancy). What brought all of this on?  

Some people wanted an altruistic way to generate rewards and distribute them, so we decided to do it. It helps us better understand how people are motivated to share, and its always great when you can help good causes

5) Can you tell us what brands/companies are coming our way on Refer.Ly?

You can see our entire list of coverage here:

Follow the rest of the Refer.Ly team on Twitter:

Danielle Morrill @DanielleMorrill CEO/Founder of Refer.Ly

Kevin Morrill @mistermorrill, CTO of Refer.Ly

Al Abut @alabut: CDO/Co-Founder @Refer.Ly

Only egos were harmed! Check out this exclusive look at the show’s bloopers:

Take Me Out puts 1 guy in front of 30 girls in hopes of a date. As more about the guy gets revealed, girls turn their lights off or keep them on. Then, when a few girls are left, the lucky man gets to choose his lucky girl!!!

Watch Thursdays on Fox at 8/7c!!!

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